Meso americana - Olmec

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Meso americana - Olmec

There was no specific political structures. However, they mostly followed their social structure. They used a hierarchy society.


They developed a writing system, which is thought to be one of the oldest writing system in the western hemisphere. The language spoken by the Olmec however is unknown.

MesoAmerica is located in the Americas. This region extends from the Tropic of Cancer in central Mexico down through in central Mexico down through northwestern Costa Rica. The Olmec civilization settled in this area.

(No Evidence Documented)Theories:Ruler were believed to be Priest Kings. They were speculated to be linked to the supernatural.People with higher wealth were considered at the top of the social class. Since had the wealth to control many things.

MesoAmerica (Olmec)



~The Olmec conducted plumbing to distribute water through the city~The Olmecs used architectural sculpture to worship their religion. Sculptures of Jaguar were made to show respect to who they believe is a rain god. Colossal stone heads are assumed to be used for religous purposes but some argue that the giant heads are Olmec leaders. Another theory is that the heads were warriors due to the helmets.


It was mainly based off of agriculture. The Olmec used the slash and burn farming method to clear the land for new crops. Since their soil was rich the land was not damage. They raised maize, squash, beans, pumpkins and cotton.



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