Merry Christmas

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Social Studies

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Merry Christmas

An oldman named Satiago who is a defeated fisherman. He has a drought of 84 days without catching a fish. He is about to pass his record of 87 days without catching a fish. He travels to where the biggest fish are said to be. He endures a three day battle. Where he eventually Catches a Marlin. He still has to deel with sharks stealling his pray. This books theme is perserverance, and honor. Santiago is a defeated fisher man who says " Man is not made for defeat." He travels to waters no sailor dare to sail. In a three day fight to catch only a fish.

The Marlin represents the biggest challenge that Santiago is going to face. This is where Santiago has to use all of his skills to end his drought of 84 days. All of his waiting and struggle to catch a fish is about to end.

What the author is trying to get throught to the reader is that with perseverance anything can be accomplished. Even if it is just to catch a fish to end an 87 day drought. Anything that one will try to accomplish will be accomplished if they persevere.


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