Merry Christmas in Italy

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Merry Christmas in Italy

Christmas in Italy start 8 days before Christmas and last until 6th January. On December 23rd, children dressed as shepherds go from house to house singing songs.On January 6th, children hang up their stockings. Instead of Santa Claus, they are expecting Befana. She is an old witch. The legend says that the Three Wise Men stopped at Befana's hut to ask her the direction to Bethlem and asked her to join them but she said no. After a while she decided to go and picked some toys she had. But she could never find them. So, at Christmas, she leaves presents to the children looking for the Christ Child.

The traditional Christmas dinner, Cenone, is made up of spaguetti and anchovies, some fish, fresh broccoli, salad, friuts and sweets.After the Christmas Dinner they go to the Midnight Mass service. And when they come back, they have a slice of Italian Christmas Cake, called Panettone, which is like a spongy cake with fruits in it and a cup of hot chocolate.



Christmas in Italy


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