[2015] Maddie S: Merrill's Marauders

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Social Studies
World War II

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[2015] Maddie S: Merrill's Marauders

The Merrill'sMarauders fought in SouthEast Asia during WWII


My Great- Grandpa Jack Luttrell was a Merrill's Marauder in World War II.

By Maddie Strickland

The Marauders came from theUnited States. The government had stated that there was help wanted, and 3,000men became Merrill's Marauders.

The Merrill's Marauders were stationed in Asiawithout artillery or other important supplies, and they were still successful during their first attack.

Burma was a rain forest/ jungle area thatwas difficult to surivive and attack in. Burma is just South Westof China

After being deployed for nearly7 months, Merrill's Mauraders population was over half way gone. The remaining solders continued to stay and fight, later on being rewarded a Bronze Star Medal.

This video is about how the Merrill's Marauders came about, and what they had to encounter. The clip that will be shown describes the badge they wear.

I was really drawn to this topicbecause the Merrill's Marauders werereally tough and even though the oddswere against them, they were successful.The soldiers they had were determined and hardworking, and did the best they could to defendAmerica. Also, my Great- Grandpa Jack, who passed away last November was a Merrill's Marauder.


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