Meredith Solar Engery

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Meredith Solar Engery

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The defination of Solar Engery is the sun's rays that reach the Earth.

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I chose this engery because I think that it is interesting and you need this resource to live. I also like the summer and the sun heats the Earth to make summer.

Solar Energy by Meredith Vayda

The sun gives people and plants and animals energy and vitimans. The sun gives us vitiman D. The sun in my opinion is the most important resource. The benefit of this energy is there won't be as much pollution in the air. You can get solar panels to hea and light your home.

Solar Energy was discovered in the 1830's. It was discovered by a british astronomer by the name of John Herschel. He discovered it by making a solar oven.

I think that in the future solar energy will be used for most cars. I also think that everyone will be using solar energy in one way or another in the fucture.

FUN FACTS!Did you know that in Australia cars ONLY run on solar power.You can make a solar oven like the one John Herschel used.This energy is renewable.



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