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Meredith, Melanie SED 4840

Melanie Meredith

About MeI am a wife, mom, step-mom, grandma, and teacher. I have taught for 20 years now. My teaching career started in 1995, spanning across 4 states, 8 schools, and multiple principals. I have 4 step sons ages 15 to 24 and my bio son who is 14. I have 3 grandsons who live in KY ages 5 to 1 year. In addition to my human kids I have 4 fur kids; Smokey (8), Gracie (8), and sisters, Chyna and Sage (16 months)

Two Unique StrategiesOne strategy I like using in class is SU-HU-PU-- Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up. This helps students find a partner to work with, have dialogue with or to have someone new to work on a project or assignment. I sometimes put a "criteria" on their pair so that friends do not end up paired up all the time.Another strategy I use is choice boards. They can be either Tic-Tac-Toe, Bingo, or some other type With these choice boards, I assemble them with different levels of difficulty. Here my students choose the pattern or I give them the pattern and they choose which way it will look. This way, I still have some control, but they still have choice.


What I plan to learn?I plan to learn what are the newest trends or the best trends in AIG Education. I also want to learn from other teachers some tips and ideas to better serve my students.

Two changes to my teaching that I have made are to utilize more digital learning experiences with my students and increase choices. By utilizing Quizizz, Quia, Goggle Classroom, and other websites, students are able to watch a video, and then answer questions at their own pace and they can create and think more out of the box with Google Slides etc. Another one is to give them more choices in how/what they learn. Tic Tac Toe boards, presentation styles, etc.

Sage, Chyna, Gracie, SmokeyThe PUPS!



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