Mercy Otis Warren

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Mercy Otis Warren

Mercy Otis Warren

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Political Writer and PropagandistLived during the Revolutionary WarBorn and raised in MassachusettsSeptember 14, 1728 - October 19, 1814

It may be a mistake, that man, in a state of nature, is more disposed to cruelty than courtesy.-Mercy Otis Warren

James Warren - SpouseJames Otis Sr. - FatherJames Otis Jr. - Brother



Poem by Mercy Otis WarrenLET deep dejection hide her pallid face,And from thy breast each painful image rase;Forbid thy lip to utter one complaint,But view the glories of the rising saint,Ripe for a crown, and waiting the rewardOf watching long the vineyard of the Lord.The generous purpose of his zealous heart,Truth to enforce, and knowledge to impart,Insures his welcome on the unknown shore,Where choirs of saints and angel forms adore.A seraph met him on the trackless way,And strung his harp to join the heavenly lay.Complain no more of Death's extensive power,Whose sceptre wafts us to some blissful shore;Where the rough billows that roll o'er the head,That shake the frame, and fill the mind with dread,Are hush'd in silence, and the soul sereneLooks back delighted on the closing scene.Happy, thrice happy, that exalted mind,Who, leaving earth and all its cares behind,Has not a wish to ruffle or controlThe equal temper of his tranquil soul,Who, on a retrospect, is safe within;No private passion, nor a darling sin,Can check his hope, when death's insatiate pow'rStands hovering on the last decisive hour.Then weep no more, my friend, but all resigned,Submit thy will to the Eternal Mind,Who watches o'er the movements of the just,And will again reanimate the dust!Thy sire commands, suppress the rising sigh,He wipes the tear from thy too filial eye,And bids thee contemplate a soul set free,Just safe escaped from life's tempestuous sea.


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