Mercy Otis Warren

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Mercy Otis Warren

Using the primary documents below, please answer the following questions:1. What is Otis’s tone when writing to John Adams? What is the purpose of her letter?2. What fears does Winthrop express to Otis? What news does Winthrop inform Otis of?3. What does Macaulay credit Otis with starting? How does Macaulay describe the situation of American affairs in Boston?4. How does Abigail Adams describe John Adam’s response to her fears? What is the purpose of the poem she wrote at the end of her letter?5. How does Otis describe America’s state after the British troops retreated? How does she believe future generations will see America’s fight for independence?


The American Revolution

What were some women's views about the Amercian Revoltuion?


Primary vs. Secondary Source Video

Letter from Mercy Otis Warren to Catharine Macaulay

Mercy Otis Warren

Letter from Hannah Fayerweather Winthrop to Mercy Otis Warren

Chapter 30: "The History of the Rise, Progress, and Termination of the American Revolution"

Letter from Abigail Adams to Mercy Otis Warren

Letter from Mercry Otis Warren to John Adams


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