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Mercy Otis Warren

Mercy Otis Warren was a women who did many great things. As a kid few men and fewer women went to school. Mercy was different because she went to school and had a good education. During the Revolutionary War Mercy was a writer and a poet. She wrote the first 3 volume book about the war. Whe also wrote a paper about the Bill of Rights. Sadly she died in 1814 at the age of 86.


1728 - Mercy was born1788 - She wrote a paper about Patriots1790- she wrote a collection of poems1805- she published the first 3 volume book about the Revolution 1814- Mercy passed away

In Mercy's life time she accomplished many of things. Besides graduating from school, she accomplished writing papers to get people to fight for freedom. She changed to minds of over 50 people from neutral or loyalist to a patriot. She was also able to write the first 3 volume book written by a women.

Lasting Impact

Mercy Otis Warren affected America by showing people like King George lll or even neutral people how wrong the British were.


My sourcesI used the book Mercy Otis Warren BiographyI used my social studes textbookI used American Revolution Websites

Mercy Otis Warren





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