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Chemical Elements

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Chemical and Physical Properties

Melting point: -38.83 degrees celciusBoiling point: 356.7 degrees celcius State of matter: liquid colour: silvery Density: 13.534g/cm Chemical reactions: concentrated nitric acid, concentrated sulphric acid, fluorine, chlorine, bromine,and iodine



Societal Application

Mercury occurs in many diffrent forms such as: element mercury, metallic mercury, inorganic mercury, and organic mercury. Mercury occurs naturally and is found in the air, water and soil. Mercury is mostly used in thermometers, thermostats, batteries and vehiches. Once you open your trunk of the car, a light turns on which contains mercury. Latex paint made before 1992, contains a large amount of mercury to provent fungus. The vapor that is in Mercury is used in streetlights, and in all fluorescent lighting. The Chinese have known about the element before 2000 BC. which was found in Egyptian tombs. The year of this event was 1500 BC. Mercury was used to create amalgams for other metals around the year 500 BC.

Mercury is a very interseting element because it is the only element that is liquid at room temperature. Mercury is a type of metal which is very heavy, it is in the form of a liquid and it's colour is silver. But you should never touch it, it is extremly poisonius, and may cause a health risk towards humans. Mercury's symbol on the periodic table is Hg which comes from it's greek name hydrargyrum, but it is commonly known as quicksilver. Mercury was named after the planet Mercury. On the periodic table Mercury's atomic number is 80 and its atomic mass is 200.59.


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