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Mercury's Symbol

How did Mercury get it's name? Mercury was named after the swift god named Mercury since Mercury travels the fastest around the sun

Mercury is the 1st planet in our solar system. Despite it being the closest planet, it is 57,910,000km away from the sun.

It only takes Mercury 88 Earth days to fully orbit the sun. It takes 58 1/2 days to completely rotate!

Mercury's gravity is 3.7 m/s2. If you weighed 100lbs on Earth you would weigh 37.8lbs on Mercury

Mercury's core composition consists of the crust, mantle, and core, 30% of it is metals and 70% of it is silicate. Mercury's surface composition has many craters and is very rocky like our moon. It has little atmosphere

Major Gases: krypton, neon, calcium, and magnesiumMinor Gases: argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and xenon

Mercury' temperature ranges from 800 degrees fahrenheit in the day to -280 degrees fahrenheit at night

Mercury doesn't have much of an atmosphere so it doesn't necessarily have rain, snow, lightning, etc. But it is very hot in the day since there is no atmosphere to block all of the heat and extremely cold at night

Mercury has no moons. Mercury is very rocky. It also has a lot of craters from impacts. It appears to look like Earths moon.

Where, when, and how was Mercury discovered? Who discovered Mercury? Mercury was discovered by Sumerians from Mesopotamia around 3000BC


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