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Mercury was once belived to be two separate stars, as the video states. It has no moons or atmosphere. Because of that, it cannot have weather.It can not have life, even though there is water.

You know about Earth. You know about the moon. You know about the sun. But do you know about Mercury?


Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. It's also the smallest planet. It's axis goes straight from its north to south pole, so it doesn't tilt.

The planets

Mercury's MythologyMercury is the roman messenger god.The roman from of Hermes, he carries a staff with 2 serpents intertwined. He wears a winged cap and has winged feet.

Layers of Mercury


One side of Mercury is complety in shadow

The temperature can get to 800 degrees fahrenheit

The temperature can also drop to -280 degrees fahrenheit

The god Mercury

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In conclusion, Mercury is unsuitable for life because of its position and atmospere. Too close to the sun and too small for any atmosphere, the water is frozen on the side in shadow.


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