Mercury - Hg

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Mercury - Hg

Mercury - Hg



Name: MercurySymbol: HgAtomic number: 80Atomic mass: 200.59 g.mol -1

- Fluorescent light bulbs save energy - It needs less power than usual light bulb - It light up nien times more than the usual light bulb. - It use electricity to excite gas inside the glass tube. The gas fluoresces, producing ultraviolet light which the human eye cannot see. - Then the UV light (Ultraviolet light) reacts with mercury and a phosphorescent chemical combine inside the tube to create visible light. - It use 66% less energy that regular ligh bulbs and they will usually last five or more years.- We can replace with a compact fluorescent light bulb you can reduce your electric ocst by around thirty dollars a year.

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- It has a very poisonous gas inside the light bulb - It can cought you sunburn on your skin - It forms a vapor that when you're inhale the mercury vapor might affect to your body and causing illness or death. - The mercury vapor can effect to your body which cause damgae to brain functions, allergic reactions, skin rashes, tiredness and headaches.

Uses of Mercury

Fluorescent light bulb

How did the Fluorescent Light Bulb solve the global issue ?


Fluorescent light bulb is desgined to replace incandescent light bulb. Incandescent light bulb is the first electric light bulb that people use, it produces light with a filament that heated to a high temperature. It takes out lots of energy, and even make the world gets warmer combine with other pollution, it creates global warming. However, fluorescent light bulb can light 9 times brighter than incandescent light bulb and takes out less energy than incandescent light bulb.


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