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Language Arts

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Jean-Baptiste de La Salle was stern but fair to his Brothers. He wanted the Brothers to reach to their full ability to teach the young boys the fundamentals.

The act of sharing advice and experience from one person to the other. It helps to develop a relationship between a mentor and a protege of demostrating the goals and expectations in order to succeed.

PatientRespectfulSensitiveSupportive KnowledgeableGood ListenerConcerned

I learned from the letters of de La Salle to listen to others when needing of assitance. Provide positive feedback and encourage others to try their best in order to reach their goals. As future educators, we need to provide that for our students.He was born privileged but found a calling, to educate the poor. He created movement for free elementary instruction. He also wrote to his Brothers everyday.

de La Salle


de La Salle's Letters

Can one mentor someone that does not want to change?

Investment of self and timeCompatibilityPatienceRelationships

YesThe mentor functions like a leader by having the protege believe and achieve the goals the mentor and protege agree upon. The mentor’s vision is seeing the protege reach their potential and having the protege to believe in a plan to reach the goal.

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