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De La Salle Going Beyond his Duty

From what I have read from the letters of De La Salle to his fellow brothers, I have learned that above all, he was honest. He always told his brothers his true feelings toward their actions. He would praise them for their good deeds but also ridicule their bad deeds. he never held back on his feedback he was very blunt and to the point. He was honest and fair.

What does it mean to be a mentor?Well for me a mentor is someone who has great wisdom towards a certain field or situation. Their is great responsibility for mentors because they must pass on their wisdom and experience to those for are inexperienced. The goal of a mentor is to inspire others to be filled with the same passion and fire they feel toward the specific field or situation.

-Kind-Approachable-Good Listener-Wise-Gentle-Experienced-Honest

In reading the letter from De La Salle I would say that the theme I picked up on the most was that being a mentor is a privilege and should not be taken lightly. Not everyone is called to be a mentor, so for those who are asked to be one they must uphold the responsibility of the title.

De La Salle the Mentor

Qualities of a good mentor

What I learned from the letters

Is it possible to be a mentor to someone who does not want to change his/her behaviors?

De La Sall always made himself available to his brothers through his writting back and forth with them. He would always respond back to them with his honest advice. He never once gave up on them. He always belived in them and made that belief clear in his writting.

There are some challenges that come with the privilege of being a menotr. A mentor must always act responsible for his/her actions will always effect those they are mentoring. The burden for all mentors is that they must make themselves readily available to help those who ask of it. Being a mentor is not an easy task and it requires a lot of time and effort.


I believe that it is indeed possible to be a mentor to someone who is not want to change his/her behaviors. According to his letteres it seemed like De La Salle faced some brothers who were like this. A mentor who faces a person like this should keep giving the same advice they normally would, but also be more patient and encouraging to that person when they finally do make the right decisions.


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