Mental/Emotional Changes Puberty

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Mental/Emotional Changes Puberty

Conflicting Emotions

Feeling InsecureDuring puberty, since your body experiences many changes, it is common to feel uncomfortable and insecure with your physical appearance. Consequently, you might feel angry quite easily, lose your temper or feel depressed. This is more obvious for girls because they develop faster and earlier than boys. Also the development of breasts and widening of hips are more noticeable. This may make them feel more conscious about their body with their peers.Questioning ThingsSince you're not fully an adult and are not a child anymore, puberty can lead to uncertain times. You may begin to wonder and think about aspects of life such as career, livelihood and marriage. Since all of this is new and unfamiliar, you may feel uncertain about the future. This uncertainty becomes clearer when the expectations that people close to you have from you also change. You may be expected to take on more responsibilities than what was expected from you as a child. Eventually you will become more certain about yourself and start to take even more responsibilities, but this process will take its own time depending on how you respond to this situation.

Since you are somewhere in between as a teenager during puberty, you may feel stuck between how you were as a child and how you wish to be as an adult. For example, you might want to be more independent and at the same time, might also look for support from your parents. Another example could be whether you wish to give up on your hobbies and interests that you had as a child to be able to fit in with your friends. As a result you may feel conflicted and look for clarity.

Mood SwingsDuring puberty, you may also have frequent and sometimes extreme changes in your mood. For instance, sometimes your mood will swing between feeling confident and happy to feeling irritated and depressed in a short period of time. These are called mood swings. They may occur because of the shifting levels of hormones in your body and the other changes taking place during puberty.

Mental/Emotional (Hinengaro)

More ResponsibilitiesAs you're going through puberty, you may feel a need for responsibility and independence, which is an important path to becoming an adult. However, some people don't want to become independent, and struggle when they are expected to take on more respsonsibilties

Having Sexual FeelingsPuberty is also the phase when you develop sexual maturity, which is the stage of your life when you can have children. One aspect of sexual maturity is being curious about sex and about bodies of people that you are attracted to. It is normal for a boy or a girl to be sexually attracted to people during puberty. You may also feel sexually excited by normal everyday activities such as reading a romantic novel or watching a romantic scene on television. These feelings are normal and there is nothing to feel guilty about.

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