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Mental Illness Glog G l G

Another Glog presented to you by the Radical GeographyGlogger.Apologies for the long, anxious wait, but here it is. It's again about P.D.H.P.E, but now it's mental illness - Phobia'sMental Illness affects alot of people, and i'll explain that.

There are many forms of Phobia's, and I will list a few of them, and not to mention, also their details. Examples are -1. Claustrophobia - Fear of small spaces2. Arachaphobia - Fear of arachnids3. Pharmacophobia - Fear of Drugs4. Polyphobia - Fear of various things.(Scroll down for more information)5. Peladophobia - Fear of bald people.6. Phonophobia - Fear of telephones.7. Ponophobia - Fear of hardwork and pain.8. Potophobia - Fear of Alchahol9. Photophobia - Fear of light10. Onierophobia - Fear of dreams.These are 10 examples from the 10's of thousands of types of phobias. Trust me, it's not very pretty to experience any of these Phobias, I hope your clear of them.

If you may be asking the question how do phobias originate, well that's a good question to ask.Phobias have no specific origination area, but statistically speaking, most phobias are picked up from parents and descendants. (Scroll down for more information) People who have phobias do not have good lives necessarily, and should not be ridiculed, ripped on, picked on or anything, but just to be catered for. YOU PUT YOURSELVES IN THEIR SHOES PEOPLE AND JUST IMAGINE WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE.

How can you get help to try cure phobias you say? Well very good question my goodfans. The most common way and one of the only ways to cure a phobia is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy called systematic desensitization or exposure therapy. (Scroll down for more information)This treatment is very effective. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about 75% of people are able to overcome their phobias through cognitive-behavioral therapy.There are not very many, but possible ways to cure phobias, as statistically speaking, and remember, people with phobias are just like us, and they can be cured, and besides, even though it doesn't aesthetically seem so, don't we all have a phobia, because maybe if it's just minor that it doesn't need a name, even though it's nothing compared to other kinds of phobias, we all fear something, and that's what a phobia is, so remember, we're all the same, no matter what way it happensReference to -


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