Mental Illness: Depression

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Mental Illness: Depression


A person may be depressed if, for more than two weeks, he or she has felt sad, down or miserable most of the time and has lost interest or pleasure in usual activities. There are four main symptoms of depression that you may be able to recognise in someone: behaviour, feelings, physical and thoughts. Some behaviour differences that you may experience are not going with friends anymore, not completing work at school, unable to concentrate and doing unusual things such as relying on alcohol. They may start feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, unhappy, miserable, sad and lacking confidence. The person may start thinking negative thoughts such as, “I’m a failure,” “nothing good ever happens to me,” “life’s not worth living,” and “people would be better off without me."

Doctor suggestions for treating someone with depression include: • Treating at a general practice, either by a GP or special mental health services.• Always make sure you treat the patient correctly, identifying what type of depression they have and including what stress may have caused it.• For better outcomes to the situation, it is important that a trust bond is formed between the patient and their healthcare professional. • It is recommended that you continue the treatment for depression for: 1 year if a first episode of depression, 2 years for repeated episodes and longer if there are risk factors for relapse.

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