Mental Health, (Module 2)

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Mental Health, (Module 2)

Someone with OCD, may have obsessions about:1. germs or dirt2. illness or injury (involving the person or someone else)3. coming across unlucky numbers or words4.things being even or straight5. things being perfect or just right in a certain way6. making mistakes or not being sure7. doing or thinking something bad

OCD is a type of anxiety that happens when there is a problem with the way the brain deals with worrying and doubts. Kids with OCD worry a lot. Sometimes they feel afraid that bad things could possibly happen to them, sometimes they feel that something bad could happen to people they love, or sometimes they feel like they have to get things "just right" and have to check to make sure.

Obsessive Compulsive DisorderBy: Cathryn Paolini


Causes of OCD:Although it has been established that OCD has a neurobiological basis, research has been unable to pin point to any definitive cause or causes of OCD. It is believed that OCD likely is the result of a combination of neurobiological, genetic, behavioral, cognitive, and environmental factors that trigger the disorder in a specific individual at a particular point in time.

Living with a person with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) can have a major impact on family and friends. The fears and behaviours that are symptoms of OCD can be difficult to understand, and may be disruptive to household routines and activities.

Organizations for OCD:

OCD impact on schools:It may not be long before the student who has OCD falls behind in schoolwork, produces less work and experiences a drop in grades. In some cases, academic performance deteriorates abruptly and dramatically. And it may be nearly impossible to catch up unless are able to learn to manage the OCD symptoms. This is why it’s critical that educators take a proactive approach to becoming aware of what OCD is, and to alert parents when any potential signs of OCD are observed at school.



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