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Mental/Emotional Health Playist

Mental/Emotional Health Playlist

I would choose the song "Ode to Joy by Beethoven to help me focus on homework. I would choose it because it is a mellow song. I would also choose this song because when I hear piano music it makes me focus on the activity i am doing. One last reason why I would choose it is because I love the sound of quiet slow piano music.

The reason I chose the song"Elmo and I Know It" is to make me laugh. For example listening to a song that says"I'm Elmo and I know It" would probaly make you laugh. When I listen to this piece of music I would make me laugh andto make me feel better about what everI'm upset about. This is the reson why I would choosethis song.

The reson why I chose the sound effect "Waves"is because theres nothing better than being atthe beach and hearing the sound of waves, crashing against the shore. When I am at thebeach and I hear this sound it makes me want to fall alseep. Also I like the sound of the water going slowly back out to the ocean. There is nothing better than that sound of waves crashing against the shore. These are the reasons why I would choose the sound effect Waves tohelp me fall alseep.

The reason I chose the song "Super Bass" by NickiMinaj to help me get pumped up is because I love this song and whenever I listen to it I immeditaly like it. When I listen to this song it makes me feelexcited, or happy. Also one last thing is that I like the beat of the song and the bass in the backround.

There are many reasons why I chose this song tohelp me relax. First, is becasue I love the quiet and mellow tune to it. Also bedcause of the beat is slow and very quiet. One last reason is because of the orchestra sound in the backround. This is why I would choose this song to help me de-stress.



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