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Health & Human Performance

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Max-Heel Slides (AAROM/AROM)-Quad Sets-SAQ-Hip Flex SLR-Hip Abd (Supine)-Gastroc, hamstring stretches-Ice-Pre-mod stimulation


15 y/o male, R. lateral partial knee meniscectomy

Patient Plan of Care

1) Therapeutic exercise2) Manual therapy3) Ice4) Electrical stimulation5) Gait training6) Balance re-education7) Patient education8) Home exercise program

Mod-LAQ-Hip Flex SLR-Hip Abd/Add SLR (sidelying)-Stretches-Lateral weight shifts into SLS on R. LE-Proprioception-2" step-ups-Heel raises-Marches-Gait specific training-Ice-Pre-mod stimulation

Min-Treadmill-6" step-ups-Standing hip strengthing-Squats-Bosu ball exercises-Sports specific training-Proprioception

Adjustments-Pt underwent surgry for appendecitis while participating in rehab. Pt reverted to max phase for one tx session and given one week to recover.-Pt's stiches removed and recovering well from menisectomy. Pt progressed sooner with ther. ex. secondary to M.D. limitations.

Pt Hx:15 y/o male, living with mom, dad, and sister. Pt very active with basketball and tennis prior to surgery. Pt ruptured appendix (January 2013) with peritonitis at that time.

Initial EvalL. Hip flex: 5/5L. Hip add: 5/5L. Ankle DF: 5/5L. Knee ROM: 0-120R. Hip flex: 5/5R. Hip add: 5/5R. Knee flex: 4/5R. Knee ext: 4-/5R. Ankle DF: 5/5R. Knee ROM: 2-0-52Pain on eval: 5/10; intermitent, aching, throbbingAD: Amb. independently c 2 axillary crutches

GoalsSTG (2 weeks): 1) Become independent and compliant with H.E.P 2) Decrease pain to 3/10LTG (Outcome 4-6 weeks): 1) Decrease pain to 0-1/10 2) Increase knee ROM to 0-120 for stairs ambulation 3) Increase LE muscle strength >4+/5 4) Display safe, unilateral stance

Discharge:Pt to be discharged with H.E.P. after 10 visits. Limited participation with practice, until cleared by M.D.

Morrissey M, Goodwin P, Klarneta M, McAuliffe T, El-Zebdeh M, King J. Factors related to early recovery rate after partial knee meniscectomy. Orthopedics [serial online]. August 2008;31(8):752. Available from: MEDLINE, Ipswich, MA. Accessed June 10, 2013.



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