Meningitis Vaccine

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Meningitis Vaccine

Meningitis Vaccine

Meningitis is caused by the bacteriaNeisseria meningitidis

-Nearly 3,000 cases each year-15% are adolescents-Can kill in a matter of hours-12% Mortatlity Rate-20% have sustaining disabilities-Adolescents at a higher risk (1 in 7 cases ends in death)

The Disease

Why are college students so susceptible


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The Vaccine

In 2005 two different types of vaccines were developed for meningitis.In that same year meningitis became one of the recommended standard vaccines and was added to the immunization schedule.Its recommended to be given from ages 11-18 with a booster shot 5 years later.

In 2012,

In 2009,

New laws required all students living on college campuses in Texas to to be vaccinated against meningitis.

the 82nd Texas State Legislative session passed a law requiring every student attending college in Texas to be vaccinated against meningitis before they can be enrolled.