Menelik II: Emperor of Ethiopia Profile

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Menelik II: Emperor of Ethiopia Profile

Menelik II was born to the royal family of Shewa and became king of Shewa when his father died in 1889. Throughout his reign, he expanded his territory and conquered many lands and tribal groups. He was also able to stop the advance of Italian troops and maintain Ethiopia's independence.Throughout his reigh, he was close allies with Russia, an alliance he believed would help Ethiopia maintain its independence. While some consider him a national hero, his legacy is complicated because he is responsible for the deaths of many people, including large scale persecution of the Dizi people


1844 - Born1889 - Coronation1896 - Victory at the Battle of Adwa1893 - Treaty with Russia1913 - Died

Defeated the Italians and managed to keep Ethiopia independent when many other Africa nations were being taken over by European imperialistic efforts Expanded his kingdom to the south, east, and west in order to build an Ethiopian empireConsidered the father of modern Ehtiopia


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Menelik II:Ethiopia



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