Mendez vs. Westminster

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Mendez vs. Westminster

Who:In 1945, Gonzalo and Felicitas Mendez moved them and their 3 kids from Santa Ana to Westminister California.

Mendez v. Westminister, 1946

Gonzalo and Felicitas Mendez

Where and When:Westminsiter California 1946

What Happened:Gonzalo and Felicitas Mendez 3 kids were rejected from attending a public school because of their dark skin, and Mexican names. Outraged his kids were rejected Mendez consulted with a Los Angeles lawyer named David C. Marcus. July 5, 1945, the 2-week trial commenced before Federal Court Judge Paul J. McCormick. February 18, 1946, Judge McCormick ordered the injunction against the four school districts restraining them from segregating childrenof Mexican or Latin descent in separate public elementary schools.

Quote: "If we are good enough to fight and die alongside Anglos, then why are my children not good enough to attend the same schools as their children?"

Why and How:During the trial judge McCormick stated that comingling of the entire student bodyinstills and develops a common cultural attitude among the school children. After the verdict California schools began shutting down their seperate schools for Mexican students. Paving the way for other states to do the same.


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