Mendez vs Westminster 1945-1947

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Mendez vs Westminster 1945-1947

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Mendez vs Westminster1945-1947

Los Angeles

Seperate but equal

In every California community with a sizable Mexican American population, schools were segregatedSometimes it was just a "Mexican" room, but most commonly each district had an identified "Mexican" school.The Orange County superintendent of schools even denoted each designated school with the word "Mexican" in parenthesis in his annual reports.In Orange County, Gonzalo Mendez along with other parentswere upset and frustrated that this segregation had occurred Early in 1945, They filed a lawsuit in federal court in Los Angeles against four Orange County school districts.They sought an injunction that would order their schools' integration.Some members of the school districts offered the Mendez family a compensation in which only their children would be able to attend regular school.They refused and continued with the lawsuit.The Mendez family believed in helping out the entire Mexican community instead of a handful of children. The Mendez family covered most of the expenses for the various witnesses that would be present in the case.

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"If we are good enough to fight and die alongside Anglos, then why are my children not good enough to attend the same schools as their children?"

Lawsuit against Orange County School districts


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