Mendez V Westminster

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Mendez V Westminster


The Mendez family, four Orange County school districts, and the Los Angeles Court.

This case had a huge impact on our country because it lead the way to stopping segregation between everyone. This includes: African Americans, Asian Americans, Indian Americans and then also Mexican Americans. Perhaps had the Mendez family not stood up for their rights, then maybe other races would have suffered segregation longer. It also impacted segregation not only in the schools, but also in where people lived and use of public areas like swimming pools.

When ' Where

In 1946 in Orange County.

Mendez V Westminster

What Happened


1st State to End Segregation

1. Because of a large population of Mexican-Americans, each district had a set school for "Mexican" children because of segregation.2. Mr. Mendez started leasing property from a Japanese farmer, whose family had been put into an internment camp. 3. Mr. Mendez then tried to enroll his children into the school in Westminster, California.4. When his children arrived at the school, they were denied entry. 5. The Mendez children were told to go to a different school for "Mexican" children because the schools were segregated.6. Mr. Mendez, his wife and a group of Mexican American World War II veterans asked why their children weren't good enough to attend the same school if they were allowed to fight alongside each other.7. They filed a lawsuit against four Orange County school districts seeking de segregation.8. At first, the Westminster district wanted to appeal.9. The judge brought in experts to hear testimony and also children to hear their view.10. The experts said it was bad for the children to be segregated because it gave them a sense of inferiority and they weren't Americanized.11. The judge ruled that separate is never equal.

This case impacted ELLs because now they can be Americanized and learn the American culture. Before they couldn't really do that because they were having to be separated from other American children and not being immersed in the culture fully. Now they have that chance to feel equal and not separate. This impacts me as an educator because now I have the opportunity to learn about other cultures than my own. I also get the challenge of teaching students who might not know much about the American culture and show them the true blessings that it offers. I also get the opportunity to learn about all kinds of students and how they learn. This will make my job a lot less boring with lots of different tasks to achieve.



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