Mendez v. Westminster

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Mendez v. Westminster

1. The five fathers claimed their children were victims of unconstitutional discrimination. 2. The plaintiffs were represented by an established Jewish American civil rights attorney.3. The funding for the lawsuit was mostly paid for from Gonzalo Mendez, the lead plaintiff.4. Senior district judge Paul J. McCormick ruled in favor of Mendez and the other plaintiffs.5. The school district upheld the judge's decision.6. Governor Earl Warren repealed the remaining segregationalist provisions in California Statutes.7. Several organizations joined the appellate case.8. A year later the U.S. court of appeals affirmed the court ruling. 9. Several years later a school was named after Gonzalo Mendez.10. The court ruling's 60th anniversary was celebrated in 2007.

Why is it Significant

Five Mexican American fathers and the school districts in orange county.

This was significant becuase during the 1940's segregation was standard. Asian and Native American children were often segregated as well. Since at the time segregation was considered okay, it was a big deal that the court decision over turned the law that approved of segregation.

When and Where

Federal court in Los Angles in early 1945.

How it Has Impacted ELLs

I think it impacts ELLs in a big way. It is amazing how court decisions can impact so many people. Becuase of this court decsion, children of any color or race are allowed in our schools. They have the opportunity to learn with other students who are from America or somewhere else as well. This impacts me as an educator becuase I consider myself lucky to be able to teach such a diverse group of children. I feel as though it actually helps us be better teachers, as well as helping us connect on a whole other level with our students.

Mendez v.Westminster

What Happened



"If we are good enough to fight and die alongside Anglos, then why are my children not good enough to attend the same schools as their children?"


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