Mendel's Genentics

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Mendel's Genentics

Who Was Gregor Mendel?

Why Pea Plants?

Best Known Experiment

Mendal's Genetics


Key Words1. gene- a unit of heredity used here as the unit of genetic function which carries information for a polypeptide or RNA 2. allele- a specific form of a gene at a given locus on a chromosome among multiple possible forms. Ex: Aa or AA3. Punnett Square- method of predicting the results of a genetic cross by arranging the gametes of each parent at the edges of the square4. genotype- an exact description of the genetic constitution of an individual. either with respect to a single trait or with respect to other sets of traits 5. Phenotype- observable properties of an individual resulting from genetics and the environment 6. dominant- ability of one allelic form of gene to determine phenotype7. recessive- an allele that does not determine phenotype in presence of an dominant allele

Mendels Laws of Heredity1. Law of Segregation- Each inherited trait is defined by a gene pair. Parental genes are randomly separated to the sex cells so that sex cells contain only one gene of the pair. The allele is the part of the gene that carries the trait. An offspring will only inherit one genetic alle from each parent.2. Law of Independent Assortment- genes from different traits are sorted separately so that the inhertitance of one trait is not dependent on the inheriterance of another.3. Law of Dominance- an organism with an alternate form of gene will always express the gene that is dominant

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