Men of the 1950's

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Men of the 1950's

Men of the 1950'sBy: Zachary Colangelo

The men in 12 Angry Jurors would be dressed in the "businessman" look depicted here. Since they are in a government institution and dealing with a federal case, naturally they would want to look professional, neat and clean.Jackets no longer had shoulder pads and double-breasted suits were scarcely made. Trousers remained to be heavy in fabric, however they become much shorter than before.

The "Businessman look" was traditionnaly a grey flannel suit -others common colours were brown, dark blue and charcoal

The typical hairstyle for men was a slick, tall style made to look neat and clean. This look could be achieved by simply combing the hair back or with waves and curl like Cary Grant's hairstyle (Left).

The hairstyles had one authentic finish known as the DUCKTAIL. This was simply done by combing hair back around the sides of the head. The teeth edge of a comb was used to define a central parting vertically along the back of the head. (Right)

Fedoras wers still sported in everyday fashion, however the brims of the hat become narrower by the 1950's. Footwear was typically Wingtips or Oxfords in either black or brown.

Men's ties became slightly slimmer in design.

Walking canes and gloves could be potantial props as they were common accessories men used in public places.


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