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The Phenomenon of Memory.

Encoding: Getting Information In

Storage: Retaining Information

Retrieval: Getting Information Out

Main reasons for forgetting information is due to the fact that overtime our retention is shorten but then levels out, which is called Storage Decay.Encoding Failure: Is forgetting something because of distractions while learning something.Positive interference is learning new info that overwrites old information.Negative interfence is due to old info overwriting new info.Repression: is the feelings and thoughts that are moved to the unconscious to repress anxiety.


Memory Construction

Improving Memory

Studying Memory:Information ProcessingModels

Memory, Remembering, Chosen Memory.

3 Main Concepts: Encoding, Storage, and Retrieval.

Like computers, our input shapes the output. Automatic Processing*Unintentional-learned behaviors for daily life. Effortful Processing*StudyingSpacing: Taking breaks when studying to support long-term retention.We encode Visually, Acousticly, and Semanticly.

Iconic Memory* Eyes Can register an image at 1/10th of a second. You can remember part of it if the image flashes for that long.Echoic Memory*Essentially all humans can remember the past 3-4 seconds of words spoken even when attention is elsewhere. Actual Storage of Memories in the brain are unknown, but what is thought is the synaptic changes between neurons. Which create memories such as Flashbulb, implicit, and explicit memories. "Eventful memories" are managed by the Hippocampus."Skills/Traits" are managed by the Cerebellum

RetrievalRecall: Retrieve information from the unconscious.Recognition: Identifying the item previously learned.Relearning: Learning something the second time will be less time-consuming, thanks to your unconscious.Retrieval Cues Priming: Is your unconsious preparing your mind set to think differently and in context, Example: Bunnies go with Hare, but not Hair.Deja Vu: Is the eerie sense of "I've experience this before."Moods can be affected with cues. Experiencing the same emotion of when the memory takes place.

Misinformation effect: When recalling information, we are not 100% accurate. Leading questions and emphasis on certain cues can cause a misfire of memories.Source Amnesia: Along with the previous term, Souce Amnesia is when something is remembered, but un aware of when the event took place or how.According to context, we recall based on the event or relative experience of how we felt. We hold great persuasion in our opinions and "eye-witness" accounts.Repressed memories are usually fabricated, which leads to the misinformation effect and contructs false interpretation of the "events"

Study Repeatedly.Make your studies semantic.Recreate events During Study.Make Songs or Stories to remember.Eleminate Distractions.Sleep More.Practice or Quiz yourself on the information.


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