Memory Triggers

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Memory Triggers

Memory Triggers

For this assessment I interviewed my mom on the first time she met my horse. This moment shifted our whole life. When we first met him, he was a rescue case. He was two-hundered pounds underweight with fungal infections.

When I interviewed her on this subject she was a bit taken back because I was there the same day she was and had just about the same experience as she did. I asked her the little details about what she tasted and heard because I knew those were the harder ones to describe. Then I continued to ask about how it made her feel.

She heard things like, horses rustling in their stalls, other horses calling to each other, and the sellers of the horse telling us that his bad condition was not their fault. By the sellers telling her this she was taken back and whether it was not there fault or was, they still should have taken care of it. She did not really taste much considering we did not eat anything. She said that she had a few mints and a soda, but that was about it. To conclude, that it was a pretty tasteless day.

While interviewing her, I observed her getting more and more frustrated, maybe even anxious. She was scowling and kept on changing her body position. After I asked all the questions I asked, "How does this make you feel?" with this question I saw her face well up with tears and she replied with, "sad, mad, and angry."


When I recall memories or events the senses I notice the most are sight and touch. Depending on the memory of course! The biggest emotion that creates a trigger for memories is happiness, there are a few moments when I have a pure feeling of happiness and I will never forget those moments. When I have a feeling of happiness I remember the rest and that makes me even more happy. My sensory and emotional triggers are very much the same as my mothers. I started to get mad and upset when giving this interview. In conclusion, when you use your senses to the fullest ability, you will remember more and be more in the moment.

What she touched, smelled, and saw was a different story. She could vividly remember everything with those senses. She felt horse the horses hair it was soft, but at the same time had scratches and wounds all over it, she felt the blooming fungal infections on the horses skin. She could smell the unsettlement in the horses health. It was surrounded by the smell of a cool, fresh summer morning. She was able to see how much pain the horse was in, she could see very prominent ribs on the horse.


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