Memories of the trip

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Memories of the trip

First of all, I was surrounded by very intelligent, super nice people. They brought me in as a fellow engineer regaurdless of my race. I even got introduced to the Solar Turbines CEO! Being with my mentor who was on governing board of the NSBE club in SDSU, he heard about my assingment and was very excited to bring me in to meet everybody. I was very confortable and didn't really have a wow moment at all. I was extremely happy I went.

For my assignment, I took a trip to San Diego, California to accompany my childhood friend and my mentor to a NSBE job fair. NSBE Stands for National Society of Black Engineers. This trip allowed me to have a in-depth look at my major as well as share in a multicultural experience!


San Diego

MyMulitcultural Experience!

To start the trip I was a little nervous because I'm obiously not a black engineer. This event is something they take very seriously and I was going in as competition. So when I first arrived I pointed out the elephant in the room and told them about my assignment for class. They all laughed and we got along great. For a child in a new enviroment, I think being honest and foward can be a good thing. If somebody is thinking something and you talk about the subject, it will almost seem like they were being silly for not bringing it up. Then you will find your first thing to talk about and let conversation flow from there!


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