Memorial of David Harold Johnson

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Memorial of David Harold Johnson

Memorial Of David Harold Johnson

Hometwown: Jonesboro, ArkansasBORN: July 13, 1948DIED IN ACTION: July 10, 1967AGE: 19

Time Line


U.S got involved

The anti-war protest took place in Washington, DC, and 250,00 people gathered to call for the withdrawl troops from the Vietnam War. It was also strong on College Campuses.

The U.S spent more than $120 billion on the war. Many returning veterans faced negative reactions from both opponents of the war. They were viewed as having killed innocent civilians. They started to return home in 1973..

Many males went to Canda to become "draft dodgers." Nixon ened the draft and let anyone volunteer for war for a year.

March of 1965, Johnson decided to send people to fight in the battle in Vietnam. By June, 82,ooo troops were stationed in Vitenam.



largest anti-war protest



Nixon ended draft calls

The war ended

troops started coming home

Rank: Private First ClassRemains: Body was recovered located: Kontum, South VietnamType: HostileReason: Gun Shot


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