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Melvil Dewey

- He was borned into a low class family in the a small town in the New York State.-As a yound adult, Dewey was keen to advocate for spelling reform, and he changed his first name from Meville to Melvil.- He briefly attended Alfred University (1870), then Amherst College, where he earned a bachelor degree in 1874, and later a master degree from Delta Kappa Epsilon.- At the age 21, Dewey created a library classification, which involved three Arabic numbers for main classes, then fractional decimals allowing expansion for further detail.- He served at many postitions , and worked in broad areas.- His knowledge was vast and varied, by which he also promoted women's education in his library insitution.- He founded the Lake Placid Club, a resort for social, cultural and spiritual enrichment in the Adirondack Mountains.-According to his friends, that Dewey was a tough person to deal with. He had many friends, but it was easy for them to put on defense around him.-Dewey died at the age of eighty, from a stroke.


1851.12.10 - Birth1872 - created the Dewey Decimal System1876 - established the American Library Association1876-1890 - served as ALA's secretary1890-1893 - President of ALA1883 -became the librarian of the Columbia college1889 - founded world's first library school

- Dewey transformed librarian to a broad range of desirable careers.- "the father of Modern Librarianship"-His work created a revolution in library science.-hanging vertical files- The Dewey Decimal Classification System- the American Library Association- the Library Bureau Company- the first ever library school ,the school of Library Economy- inspired many modifications to his classification system, which continuedto the current date.

Lasting Impact

-His library classification system is still used worldwide till this date.- Librarianship became a pursuable career for many.-The Dewey Classification Sysytem has been translated into over 50 languages in 130 countries.-An annual award named after dewey, which consist of a bronze medal and a gold-framed citation of recent accomplishments in the fields that Melvil had been noted for.


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Melvil Dewey



Brief Introduction to the Dewey Decimal Classification System(stop around 4:20)


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