Melting ice

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Melting ice

Ice Ice Baby

Procedure: 1. Place the hot plate somewhere on the counter top where it can be plugged in. 2. Take five different liquids. Fill the ice tray with the three different liquids. Let them freeze. 3. Once they are frozen take three ice cubes, one of each liquid. Put them in the heat resistant beaker. Put the beaker back in the freezer, so the ice cubes won't melt as we are getting the hot plate ready. 4. Plug the hot plate in and set the temperature to 300°, let it reach highest point of heat. Put the heat resistant beaker on the hot plate. Make sure the hot plate is completely heated up. 5. Have a stop watch ready and as soon as you put the beaker on the heat start the time. Once the ice cubes are completely melted stop the time. Record your results.

Materials:• Ice tray• Heat resistant Beaker• Hot plate• Five different frozen liquids• Stop watch• Pencil and paper to record data

Hypothesis:The water will melt the fastest out of the five liquids.

Research:The definition for melt is to make or become liquefied by heat. The melting point from a solid to a liquid is about 0.1°C.

Purpose:Determine which liquid will have the fastest melting time.

Conclusion:My hypothesis was incorrect. The liquid that melted the fastest was Orange Juice and the liquid that melted the slowest was Water.


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