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Author:Liesl Shurtliff

Facts about the Author:1.Liesl Shurtliff was born and raised in Salt Lake City,Utah.2. Just like Rump, Liesl Shurtliff was shy about her name.This was Liesl Shurtliff's first book.

Favorite Quote:"Home is a place to get out of the rain,it cradles the hurt and mends the pain,and no one cares about your name,or the height of your head,or the size of your brain."

Favorite Quote:In yonder there lived three lovely witches,who spun and wove and sewed little stiches,together they made me a new pair of britches,just the right size with no snags to cause itches,but don't let the witches make straw into riches ,because witches riches cause glitches.

Rump:The charecter that goes on a journey and faces the greedy miller, the gueen, trolls, a baby, and much much more.He is made fun of by the miller's sons a He is magical also.He can spin straw into gold but with magic there is always a cost.

Red:The girl who will do almost anything is this gal.She, one time picked a beehive from a tree,broke it in half, and ate it.I would never do that.Red had trouble with being teased by the miller's sons also.She just like Rump also had a bad name.People thought it wasn't a name it was a color.An evil color.

Setting:The setting in the story is in 5 places.The mountains,the castle,the village,and yonder.Yonder is the place past the village. The village is a small area next to the mountains that villagers live in.The mountains is where they look for gold to trade the king for food.Last is the castle.The castle is where the king lives.

Recommendation:I reccomend this book for people who are willing to take an adventure in a mysterious land. Are willing to face trolls, the queen, the greedy miller, and much much more.Taking a jump to go through and ugly life and be happy at the end.This is a fantasy book and a wonderful book.

5stars from rubric


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