[2015] Zachary Conti (2015): Mekong River

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[2015] Zachary Conti (2015): Mekong River

Over fishing is a big problem for the Mekong river. It became a problem when, fishermen use to catch to many fish for their villige

The Mekong River is faced with many problems. Some of these problems are: over fishing witch course extinction of sea life, illegal fishing, large structural buildings for exarmple, brides over the river, deforestation witch courses problems for the animals that live in the trees of the forest, changes of the land near the bank of the Mekong and toxins from growing crops.



Over Fishing

The Mekong River is located in south East Asia and flows through the countries of Laos, Vietnam and India. The Mekong River is ranked the 7th longest River in Asia and the 12th in the world. Compared to the River Murray, the Mekong’s main problem is over fishing but the Murray River’s main problem is that the water is drying up. The Mekong River is faced by threats as well as a variety of threatened flora and fauna and has many interesting facts.

The Mekong river has a few threatend fauna. These include iwarady dolphins, Mekong giant catfish and the Mekong sting ray. Mekong Giant CatfishThe Mekong Giant Catfish can grow up to 3m in length and weiigh up to 290kg. It's diet consists of algee and grasses witch means it is a Herbivore. In the wild the Giant catfish can grow over 60. the reason that the giant catfish is called a catfish is because of the "wiskers" called barbles on it's head, that shrink when they age.Irrawaddy DolphinsIrrawaddy Dolphins can grow up to 2.75m in length and can weigh up to 10kg. Their Scientific Name isOrcaella brevirostris and can be found in coastal areas in south and southeast-asia. They have a bulging for-head, stumpy nose an 12-19 teeth on each side of both jaws. Irrawaddy dolphins are on the road to being extingt in the Mekong area because of accidentel capture in fishing gear.

World Map

Did you know? (flora), that there are 20,000 spicesplants along the Mekong River.Did you Know? (fauna), that there are over 1,000 different species of fish in the Mekong river, only the Amoson and the Kongo have more!

The forest surrounding The Mekong river is under threat. The Mekong Forest is threatened because people in the area are chopping the trees down to build shelter and defense mechanisms.126 new species of animals were discovered in the Mekong forest in 2011. This includes snakes, frogs, bats and different types of fish. The Mekong Forest has the biggest tiger habitat in the world. The habitat is the size of France (540,000).the tigers have decreased by 70% over the last ten years.


Did You Know?

There are many different human uses that the Mekong river gives to the villiges in it's area. these include traveling by boat and walk on foot threw the forest and hills along the River bank. The wildlife is spectaculur. When you travel through the Mekong you will travel through 6 different countries and more than 15 states.

The difference between the mekong river and the Murry river is there problems. For exarmple, The Mekongs main problem is over fishig but the Murry River's problem is that the water is slowly drying up.Anouther difference is that in the Mekong River you can fish and in the Murry river you can water ski.

Human Uses


Mekong Giant Catfish

Mekong Giant stingray

Mekong Forest

Irrawaddy Dolphin

Asian Map

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