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1. Prophase- Nuclear membrane breaks down-Centrosomes and centrioles move to opposite sides -Homologous chromosomes pair up2. Metahpase-23 chromosomes from father and mother are lined up on each side-This helps create and maintain genetic diversity 3. Anaphase-Paired homologous chromosomes seperate 4. Telophase-Nuclear membrane forms again-Cell undergoes cytokinesis-End result 2 cells that have a combination of 23 duplicated chromosomes from both parents

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1.Prophase II-Nuclear memebrane breaks down-Centriols and centrosomes move to opposite sides2. Metaphase II-Align 23 chromosomes at cell equator -Each chromosome has 2 sister chromatids 3. Anaphase-Sister chromatids pull apart and move to opposite sides4. Telopohase II-Nuclear membranes form around each set of chromosomes -Cell undergoes cytokensis -Result is 4 haploid cells with chromosomes from mother and father

Meiosis I

Meiosis II

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Genetic Diversity

Independent Assortment- The process of random assortment of chromosomes during anaphase 1 this results in genetically unique genesRandom fertilization- The random combination of chromosomes from possible egg and sperm combinationCrossing over- the exchange of genes between chromosomes resutling in a mixture of characteristics in offspring


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