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Cycles & Processes

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The 4 Life Stages1. Egg2. Larva (Caterpillar)3. Pupa (Chrysalis)4. Adult Butterfly

Boys or Girls?Boys have two small spots on the back of their wings, girls do not.


What Monarch Butterflies Eat?As caterpillars, they only eat milkweed plants. As butterflies they use their long, straw like tongues to suck up the nectar in a flower. They also like water, squished up bananas, and watermelon!

Describe the handout on this blackboard...

1. Butterflies begin their lives as an egg laid on a milkweed plant. 2. After the eggs hatch, the lava (caterpillar) eats the leave its egg was laid on.3. The caterpillar will eat more leaves for several days and then attach its self to a leaf and begin making chrysalis. This is the Pupa Phase. 4. The lava begins changing or metamorphing into an adult butterfly. The chrysalis will open and the adult butterfly will emerge.

Do Butterflies Migrate and Hibernate?Yes!They migrate to Mexico to eat milkweed plants and to get away from cold weather!

Stage 3: Pupa

Stage 2: Larva

Stage 1: Egg

Stage 4: Adult Butterfly

A Larva Creating a Chrysalis...

A Butterfly Emerging from its Chrysalis...



Watch Brainpop Jr.Learn about Butterflies!

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