Meiosis and mitosis

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Meiosis and mitosis

Meiosis I: where the first two sequences in the meiotic cell division in which the chromosomes are reduced from diploid to haploid.Meiosis II: is the second of two sequences in meiotic cell division in which each of the haploid cells created during meiosis I undergoes mitosis.

Meiosis and Mitosis-Phases

This diagram shows the changes of a cell in the process of mitotic division.

Individual chromosomes contain some genes of maternal origin and some genes of paternal origin. This process is called crossing over in the homologous.

Metaphase II:its the second stage of cell division,at this time chromosomes align and prepare for separation.Anaphase II:is a late stage of cell division, the centromere splits apart and chromosomes move to opposite poles of the cell. Telophase II:final stage of cell division where a nucleus forms around chromosomes at opposite ends of the dividing parent cell.

Diploid number in humans is 46, or 23 pairs.


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