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Mehndi in english is henna.Mehndi is easy to say just try.

Mehndi is put on whenever you want also on occasions such as receptions,partys, and weddings also on somebody elses wedding if you want.

Mehndi is very petty.You can buy mehndi in alot of places.You can buy mehndi ready made and in tubes or mehndi powder then you take the powder and add water.

Anyone can wear mehndi there is also simple mehndi. See down there in the picture it looks pretty but it's simple.

Henna is not just put on hands,henna is also put on your feet as well.

mehndi was the topic of my glog I hope you liked my glog.Thanks for looking at my glog.Bye

The video down there is for you to watch just to know how to make a henna desighn.Please watch the video.