[2017] Megan Maholic: Megan Maholic UVA

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[2017] Megan Maholic: Megan Maholic UVA

FINIANC-AL AID  The acceptance rate to get into UVA is 28.9%. It is much harder to get accepted into the school as an out of state applicant, and obviously easier to get in being an in-state applicant. The tuition for an out of state attendee is $45,066 for fees. The tuition for an in-state attendee is only $15,722 in fees. Finally, the room and board to attend Virginia is $10,726. Since this tuition is quite expensive, UVA has offers for 18 different scholarship opportunities.

RANKINGS AND STATISTICS  UVA has been ranked #1 in Education Experience by The Economist. #2 Best Public University by News and World Report. Kipling's Personal Finance ranked the university #2 for Best Public College Value. It was ranked #3 for Best public college by Money Magazine, and News and World Report ranked it #5 for Best Valued Public University. It was ranked #8 for Best Law School once again by News and World Report. Lastly of the top rankings, UVA was ranked #24 Best National University also by News and World Report.

LOCATION AND HISTORY  The University of Virginia is located in Charlottesville, Virginia. It was founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819. Both James Monroe and James Madison were both present when the building process had started. After the university was opened for a few years, it was very successful. Sadly, June of 1826 was the last time Thomas Jefferson visited the university before he died on July 4th of the same year.

APPLICATION PROCESS AND DEGREES While applying for UVA, here are a few things you might want to remember: The early admission application deadline is November 1ST, but the regular application deadline is due on January 1st. There are 66 degree options to choose from. With such a large variety, the programs range from religious studies, to physics, to dance. These programs are offered by  both the college and graduate schools.

FUN FACTS Concluding my research, here are some fun facts about the University of Virginia. Dr. Suess was denied acceptance into UVA, which may have sparked the idea of the town of Whoville, based on the school's mascot, the "hoo's." Another fact is, the students in the school are not referred to as freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, but as firs year, second year, third year, and forth year, because Thomas Jefferson believed that learning never stops. Also, the schools second unofficially adopted mascot is the Wahoo's, a fish who is able swallow its weight in water. Lastly, the first class to have women attend the university was the class of 1970.

EMPLOYEM-ENT AND ALUMNI The school employs more than 28,000 people. 16,00 of these people are faculty and staff members, and 7,000 are health system employees. there are quite a few famous people who attended UVA. Edgar Allen Poe attended UVA. He was here for one term in 1826. Heath Miller also attended this school, and graduated in  2005 with a degree in sociology. Tina Fey graduated from University of Virginia in 1992 with a degree in drama.

SPORTS  The University has 25 NCAA Division 1 sports. 12 of those sports are women's sports, and 11 are men's sports. This school falls under the ACC, or the Atlantic Coast Conference. UVA's mascot is the Cavaliers. Since 2002, the school has captured 69 ACC  championships, which is more than any other Atlantic Coast school. They won 6 ACC championships in the 2014-2015 Academic year. Over 300 students have been accepted into the Atlantic Coast Conference honor roll. The UVA pool us 50  meters by 25 yards, and the head coach for the swim team is Augie Busch.

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The University's Logo.

UVA's swimming facility

UVA's footbal stadium.



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