Megan Heat Energy

by scienzteach
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Megan Heat Energy

all pictures from gloster file f by Dr.Timothoy Cooney 2006Energy by Jack Challoner 2000

Megan's Heat Energy

Did you know that heat is a type of energy? Heat effects everything and is used in almost everything. Heat is used in chemical reations for example when frying an egg your using heat. But what causes heat? Lets just say this. The higher the tempature the more excited the molecules and atoms are. When you are roasting a marshmellow you are using heat energy. And if you're boiling water your using heat energy. Heat energy is use all around us. To heat your home or to cook dinner. Here you can learn a little more about heat energy

Heat causes both physical and chemical changes. When an ice cube melts it's because of heat. When runny cake batter turns into solid, delicious cake it's because of heat. When you rub your hands together they become warm. This is because heat and friction sometimes work together.

How does energy move? Heat moves when atoms and molecules work together. When the heat of something changes the particles move faster which causes something to melt. If this continues it will turn into a gas, which is how an ice cube turns into water then then turns into water vapor. In the future I think we will have another source for heating our homes, but heat will be on Earth forever. I chose heat energy to study because I have always wondered about heat and what causes it.


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