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Megalodon, By: Patrick Reardon

The scientific name (binomial nomenclature) of this amazing creature is Carcharocles Megalodon

Megalodons are said to be over 20 meters, that's about 60-70 feet!

Here is a scale that is accurate compared to what is known:

Here is a picture of a Great White Shark's tooth next to a Megalodon's

The next two photos you will see on the right were taken off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa -- one in 1942 and one is 2013. The third photo is from Hawaii in 2009. Try not to be frightened......

Ten fun facts:1. Megalodon's teeth were about 7 inches2. They were described as tongue bones3. The shark had the most powerful bite of any creature to ever live4. It may have grown over 60 feet5. It was bigger than prehistoric reptiles6. Megalodon lunched on giant whales7. Megalodons disabled whales by biting off their fins8. Its closest living relative is the Great White Shark9. Fossils have been found all over the world10. Nobody knows how it became extinct........or did it??!!


The Megalodon's classification:Domain-EukaryoteKingdom-AnimaliaPhylum-ChordataClass-ChondrichthyesOrder-LamniformsFamily- OtodontidaeGenus- CarcharoclesSpecies- Megalodon

In Indonisia, they believe a family of 75 foot sharks rule the sea.In Polyniesia, they believe in a ONE HUNDRED FOOT shark that they call the Lord of the Deep.Lastly, in Mexico, they believe in a 60 foot shark called El Diablo Negro, which means Black Demon, and there are sightings and reports of it attacking and taking down Charter Fishing boats with them to the deep......

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