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Meet Brian


After you have read my letter please click on the tags to find out more about students and schools in Africa. At the bottom of the page you can see pictures of my friends and me at school. What do you notice about my community? How is it different than your community? Think about what it means to be a responsible global citizen. Why is it important?

Click on this tag to learn about different schools in Africa. I hope you enjoy your journey and learn a lot about what our schools are like. While you are visiting please think about what is similar and different about our schools than your schools in Colorado.

Click here to meet other EFAC scholarship students. Then go to our photo gallery to see pictures of all the different schools and students.

Extra curricular activities such as music are very important to us. Click here to see a video clip of our choir at Rongai Boys.

Brian KamauRongai Boys29th August 2009Dear Donor,Hey my name is Brian Kamau Ndobobo from Rongai Boys. I come from Mogotio, Mogotio district, Kenya. I like playing basket ball and listening to music and dancing. Our family is of 3 people, my mother, brother and I. My mother does a small business at our local market. My brother is in class five at our primary school and I am in form 1 at Rongai. My dreams are of becoming an engineer in my future. The reason for choosing this career is because many people are suffering and in need of water and roads. My favorite subjects in school are physics, mathematics, and geography. My favorite teacher is Br. Antoine because he teachers with the understanding of people. He understands what the students feel and experience. My favorite food is ugali and chapatti because they are actually good and healthy. I like being at school because we do some work together, learn things together, and have fun and socialize with the students. My role model is Barrack Obama and Nelson Mandela. The reason why Barrack is my role model is because he is a very inspiring person. He’s a very good person with good morals and a very excellent leader. Mandela is a very strong leader in Africa. He has tolerance and he is a good decision maker. He is goal oriented and innovative. I like when people are friends they have peace and harmony. I like people who are good in all their ways and are excellent and hard working. I like to have a lot of friends and socialize with a lot of people. My best friends are Gibbson Kigew, Anthony Kiber, and Ken Mogwe.It feels very good to write you this letter. I hope you have a great time reading this letter. Thank you and God bless you. Sincerely,Brian

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