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Interesting facts:- They can stand on two legs.- They live in groups (there are between five and thirty meerkats in a group).- They sleep in holes in the ground. Early in the morning they leave their holes and look for food.

How do they look like?Meerkats are brown with grey stripes and black ears. They're quite small - about the same size as a rabbit. They've got long bodies and long tails but short legs.

More facts about meerkatsWhen meerkats eat, some of them stand on two legs and guard the others. That's because some animals like to eat meerkats. When the guards see an eagle, a snake or a fox, they bark and all the meerkats run back to their holes.

What do meerkats eat?Meerkats eat insects, plants, lizards eggs and mice. They can even ea poisonous animals like scorpions and spiders.

CHECK IT OUT!!!* bark - szczekać * desert - pustynia* guard - strażnik, pilnować* holes in the ground - dziury, nory w ziemi* leave - wychodzić z , opuszczać* like - lubić, jak* lizards - jaszczurki* look for - szukać* mice - liczba mnoga od mouse* other - inny* poisonous animals - jadowite zwierzęta,* some - niektóre, kilka* southern - południowy* the same size as - tego samego rozmiaru co ...

MeerkatsThey live in southern Africa in the Kalahari Desert


Source:PROJECT 2 third editionOXFORDpage 25

What do you know?

Scorpions? Yummy...


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