Meerkats and their adaptations

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Meerkats and their adaptations

Meerkats have sharp, non-retractable claws that help them to dig their burrows quickly. This is a structural adaptation.

All about meerkats

Meerkats stand upright to watch for danger! This is a behavioural adaptation.

Meerkats have bellies with dark skin and little fur on them. This helps them to absorb heat during the day. This is a structural adaptation. Source:

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One meerkat always acts as a 'guard' or lookout when others in the family are sleeping or eating.

As the meerkat stands upright to keep watch, it has a long and thin tail to help it keep its balance.

Older meerkats will teach younger pups how to eat poisonous creatures like scorpions. They show the pups how to remove the stinger first. This adaptation is learned.

Meerkats give different sorts of calls to warn of different types of predators.


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