[2012] james hicks: Meerkats

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[2012] james hicks: Meerkats

Meerkats will eat: geckos, beetles, scorpions, spiders, millipedes, and plants.

Habitat:dry, warm, deserts with some shrubs

Apperance:Pointed snout Dark spots under eyesDark brown bands on backCheast silvery brownSquirrel sizedSturdy hindlegsSlim tailLong claws on frontfeet

Asian Palm Civet


Banded Palm Civet

Meerkats have keen eyesight; they can spot an eagle from 1,000 ft. away.

Meerkats are territorial and will fight to defend their territory.

Meerkats move with their legs and feet.

Masked Palm Civet

African Civet



Meerkat Lifespan

Diurnal Meerkats

A.K.A. Suricate


By: James Hicks

Defense/Offense1 found in open- lie on back, show teeth and clawsMob found in open- all in a line segment (side to side), arching backs, raising hair on back, and hissingFound near burrow-hide in burrow

Top Speed: 22 MPH

Meerkat Features

Meerkats live in groups called mobs. There are 5-30 meerkats per mob. While other meerkats eat, one meerkat will stand guard to watch for predators.

The dark area under meerkats' eyes let them see against the harsh sun.

Scientific NameSuricata Suricatta

African Palm Civet

Malayan Civet

Enemies:jackels, snakes, hawks, and other mobs

Meerkats dig burrows to sleep in. While digging them, meerkats can close their ears to keep out dust and dirt.

Baby Meerkat!

Dark Area

Meerkats adore scorpions; they are immune to their venom!

Meerkats fighting a snake


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