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meena shamulzai

Coleman Theater

come to the coleman theater on route 66

The Coleman Theater By: Jordan Brown & Meena ShamulzaiThe Coleman Theatre is in Miami, Oklahoma. It is 83.1 miles away from Tulsa, Oklahoma where I live. It also has a big stage that is yellow and shiny. It has a red carpet, yellow walls, and a red border. It was built on April 18, 1989. It was opened in 1989. It is still open. The owner of the Coleman Theatre is the Coleman family. People can go watch plays and dance there. Route 66 didn’t have an effect on the Coleman Theatre because it is still there and running strong. Here 3 great facts about this icon. It is on of the best the theatres on Route 66. The grand opening was April 18, 1989. It was designed by the Boller Brothers.


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