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The myth of Medusa: She was the preistess to Athena, She vowed her life to not have any relationship with a man. She fell in love with Poseidan and forgot all her vows. Then because of this Athena punished her by turning her beatiful blond hair into poisonous snakes. Medusa saw herself as such an ugly creature that she fled her home, and didnt plan to return. One of the curses Athena gave her was whenever she looked at someone that person would turn into stone. After a horrible miserable life she will never be the beautiful woman that she once was.

Medusa's parents are Keto and Phorks

Medusa took on no specific forms but these were her looks: Snakes on their heads, instead of hair, with yellow wings and brazen hands. Their bodies were also covered with scales, and their very looks had the power of killing or turning to stones.

Medusa's roman and greek name was Medusa. Medusa's power was... everytime she looked at someone that person would turn into stone.Medusa's symbol was a triangular symbol of Sicily

Don't touch my hair or you will get tangled up

This is a picture of Medusa in the movie Percy Jackson

This is what people have made her look like today, but she is actually a very ugly woman.

This is Medusa's ugly side

A closer look at how ugly Medusa really was.

This was Medusa's symbol. It was called the Triangular symbol of sicily

Fact: A legand says Pegasus was born from the body, or blood of the monster Medusa


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